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Today in Atlanta Hawks Talk: Rumors and News

November 17th, 2012 at 10:03 PM
By Gordon Robinson

'Josh Smith Face' photo (c) 2011, So Max O - license:
If you are sick of the Josh Smith for Pau Gasol rumor, raise your hand! I know I am. Danny Ferry has done a good job as the Atlanta Hawks GM, he's built a small but scrappy team that is fun to watch and frankly never appear to be out of any game by the way they can shoot. Why in the world would he risk losing ALL of his team chemistry so early on a player that does not make the team better? We would like to believe that if Atlanta's GM is going to give up leader of the team (in more ways than one) for a player that does not take the Hawks to the next level. The national media seems to like the idea of Josh Smith and Dwight Howard playing together (knowing that they are friends), but for some reason they don't want to see them together in Atlanta

It is being reported that after losing to the Atlanta Hawks and falling to 2-7, the Sacramento Kings held a player's only meeting. Those guys are clearly frustrated and hope to get the ship pointed in the right direction as the season moves along.


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