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Ten Things About the NBA: Zaza the Terrible

May 19th, 2017 at 12:24 PM
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Zaza Pachulia is the Real MVP of Golden State

I spent late Sunday afternoon in utter amazement at the way the San Antonio Spurs were absolutely thrashing the Golden State Warriorsâ?¦..and then this happened.

Was it a dirty play? That depends upon who you ask. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich sure thought so.

Popovich also cited several other instances involving Spurs players and Pachulia. There are just too many instances for it to be just a coincidence so I tend to agree with the legendary coach.

Mr. Unreliable and the rest of that circus of stars couldn’t do squat with Leonard on the floor. If Leonard doesn’t come back the Warriors are going to sweep the Spurs and if they do Pachulia is the real MVP of this series.

Boston Hits the Lottery

Tuesday night the NBA hosted its annual snooze fest Lottery drawing and lucky for the Boston Celtics they wound up with the bent envelope Number One pick in the upcoming 2017 NBA Draft.

The Los Angeles Lakers wound up with pick Number Two and the Philadelphia 76ers wound up with the third pick in this seasons Lottery Draft.

I’m more interested in the NBA Free Agency period so this is probably the last you will hear about the Draft in this space from me.

The Knicks are good at What They Do?

At least that’s what New York Knicks whatever Phil Jackson says. Phil Naessens would disagree with that.

Wait. If it means signing bad contracts and signing bad players being good than Jackson and Owner James Dolan are the greatest of all time!!

If being good means running a confusing antiquated offense being good at what they do again the Knicks are absolutely fantastic at what they do.

Kristaps Porzingis one of only two good things (bringing Walt “Clyde” Frazier to the Lottery Draft would be the other) that has happened during the Jackson era and they pissed him off so much so that he skipped his exit interview. Jackson and Dolan can’t even seem to get that right.

They are good alright. Good for nothing, good at nothing, and that entire Knicks Front Office can go kick rocks.

The Jonathon Simmons Story

Can you imagine believing so much in yourself and your abilities to dig into your own pocket pay 150 bucks for a D-League tryout? Ok. That might happen a LOT but how many actually make the League?

Okay. That also happens but how many get actual playing time in the NBA playoffs for one of the most successful NBA franchises and arguably one of the best coaches in the history of the NBA?

This very thing is happening and his name is Jonathon Simmons.

LaMarcus Aldridge disappearing in big games isn’t the real story of these playoffs …

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