Mascot and Cheerleaders

The Atlanta Hawks are supported by the Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders, one of the few squads that is not known as “dancers”. They are outfitted in short red tops, with wood-looking accents of the Hawks’ current logo, while sporting blue shorts. They have been seen around the Georgia area performing many charitable events, while also attending fundraising efforts for charities. Some members of the team have even traveled to China and Taiwan, in an effort to spread Hawks support throughout the world.

Accompanying the cheerleaders are Skyhawk and Harry the Hawk, Atlanta’s official mascots. Harry the Hawk is a much more playful character, similar to many other mascots throughout the league. Harry is a large cartoon bird wearing the Hawks jersey, who is said to live in a nest in the rafters of the Phillips Arena. Skyhawk is much more of a superhero to the team, built like a bodybuilder with a sleek, skintight outfit. He is known mostly for putting on dunk shows during intermissions and breaks at Phillips Arena. He is a member of the fraternity Phi-Dunka-Dunka.